Monday, June 13

Cyberattack could be our next Pearl Harbour

Appearing before the US senate, Leon Panetta, secretary of defence, warned that the US could face a cyberwarfare in the battles to come.

“The next Pearl Harbor we confront could very well be a cyber attack that cripples our power systems, our grid, our security systems, our financial systems, our governmental systems,” Panetta said.

The Obama administration recently unveiled its proposal for global cybersecurity. Statements from the Pentagon have also indicated that the government will consider cyberattacks originating from foreign countries to be equivalent to acts of war meriting military response.

Who draws the line to differentiate a criminal act from a riot or a protest?


Wednesday, June 1

About the Blackout

The idea behind The Blackout was born back in 2008, when due to a series of trials and tribulations in my life I came across the 'peak oil' and became especially aware of the energy crisis in which the world is currently immersed and that many, the great majority, seem to be oblivious to. Despite this, I did not start writing the book until 2010, when a change in my live allowed me the energy, the focus, the time and the peace of mind I needed to tackle one of my unfulfilled dreams: writing a novel. 

I have worked on it for more than a year. The first two months were spent creating the plot and defining the style that could best tell the story. The sense of urgency, stress and chaos, was something that the writing style ought to express by itself.

When I started writing, I sent the first pages to a small and close group whom I greatly appreciate the support given. They were not many, only seven. They were all very kind to a novel writer that was giving the first steps in the adventure of writing his first fiction novel. They encouraged, supported and  told me that those first pages hooked the reader to the book. Again to the seven of you, THANKS.

Time went by and The Blackout started gathering pace. Each week, each month that went by, I felt the urgency and the need to tell the story of each of my characters. The four were set to live with me. Every night, around the fireplace, I talked about their concerns, which were also mine, with my partner who has stoically endured all these months of creativity madness, contributing with light and ideas, and above all, giving me unconditional support to continue, to finish writing the blackout. THANKS.

Writing hours haven't been as many as investigation hours. Along the process I have enjoyed and learnt a lot, about many topics. The long walks to the sea, the smell of salt, the ocean wind and paddling in the canoe, have cleared my mind when needed and have helped to avoid the well-known writer's block.

The result is a fiction novel, with a little over 78,000 words, around 250 pages. It takes place throughout a six-month period in different parts of the world. 

I think the literary genre under which I would classify it is sci-fi, except that it takes place in a not-too-distant future, something that makes the scenarios of the novel well recognizable and with many similarities to the world in which we live today. 

It all begins on the 12th of July of 2021, when the electric grid falls and the world is left in a complete energy shortage.

It's time to share it with anyone who might be interested in it and I would like to open this blog to your opinions, not only through your comments in each of the blog post, but as personal posts of anyone that after reading the book, has felt the call and wants to share his/her impressions.

For all of you who would like to publish your opinion, reviews, comments, suggestions, emotions or whatever the reading of the blackout has caused to you, please sent it to and I will upload it to the blog, as a new post under 'Log book'.

Thank you to all who have dedicated part of your time to read my book. 

About the blog

During the time I've spent writing the blackout, I needed to look for documentation of many issues. I have travelled around the world with Google Earth and Google maps, Wikipedia has become my bedside book, and all these to restate the richness that Internet gives us.

While writing the book, I thought that many of the things I was learning about the places where my characters were spending their time and the subjects that have allowed me to give life to the four of them, could not remain only in my computer.

This blog was born to avoid that. I have tried to reflect the images, videos, maps, calendars, theories and information that have inspired and nourished  me to write the blackout.

I hope that all the blackout readers can find in this blog a place to delve into the topics that have caught their attention or their interest.