Monday, May 16

Facebook, Google, eBuy founders...

In 2011 the founders of Facebook and Amazon were invited to the G8. Google sent its CEO at that moment, Eric Schmidt (the one in between the two founders).

The governmental power tried this way, to integrate the innovation leaders in their system.

Sunday, May 8

Blackout in music

I have included as separate posts in the  blog, the most well-known albums and songs with the title of  'Blackout'.  However there are many others. Some of them, also gathered in the wikipedia:

Bands and record labels

Blackout NYC, 1977

The 13th of July,1977 NYC was sunk into a blackout that lasted two days.

The city succumbed to chaos. A heat wave along with the financial crisis that was ravaging the USA, as a direct consecuence of the first fuel crisis, caused the population to take over the streets. Looting, ransacking and incendiary acts, blighted the city.

Blackout - Michael Biggins

The nickname or alter ego of the American 'showman' Michael Biggins, was blackout.


Rolling blackout

A rolling blackout is an intentionally-engineered electrical power outage where electricity delivery is stopped for non-overlapping periods of time over geographical regions. Rolling blackouts are a last-resort measure used by an electric utility company in order to avoid a total blackout of the power system. They are usually in response to a situation where the demand for electricity exceeds the power supply capability of the network.

Northeast American blackout, 2003

14th of August of 2003, 55 millions people were affected by a non-planified power outage

The causes were never clear. Canadian government gave all kind of contradictory explanations that the American government denied.

Canada supplies the energy to a large percentage of Americans living in the northeast cost.  In this blackout 45 out of the 55 millions affected, lived in the USA. The blackout started in one the energy generation stations in Ontario, Canada.

Principales blackouts en el mundo

A list with all the unprogrammed outages that has affected more than 1.000 people, during mor than 1.000 horas, or more than 1.000.000 people during at least one hour.

Definición de Blackout

Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary © 2005 Oxford University Press:

blackout /'blækaʊt/ sustantivo
(loss of consciousness) a momentary loss of consciousness, vision, or memory

(in wartime) the extinguishing or concealment of all visible lights in a city, military post, etc., usually as a precaution against air raids.
(power failure) a period during a massive power failure when the lack ofelectricity for illumination results in utter darkness exceptfrom emergency sources, as candles.
(broadcasting): a news ~ ; the suspension of radio or television broadcasting, as by a strike or for political reasons

Blackout - Britney Spears

The fifth album of the singer is called Blackout. It was published in 2007.

Saturday, May 7

Blackout - Scorpions

From the Blackout album from the Scorpions, 1981

I realize I missed a day
But I'm too wrecked to care anyway
I look around and see this face
What the hell have I lost my taste
Don't want to find out
Just want to cut out

My head explodes, my ears ring
I can't remember just where I've been
The last thing that I recall
I got lost in a deep black hole
Don't want to find out
Just want to cut out

I really had a blackout

I really had a blackout

I really had a blackout

I really had a blackout

I grab my things and make my run
On the way out, another one
Would like to know before I stop
Did I make it or did I flop
Don't want to find out
Just want to get out

I really had a blackout

I really had a blackout

I really had a blackout

I really had a blackout

Don't want to find out
Just want to get out

I really had a blackout!

Blackout - David Bowie

Blackout in the 'Heroes' album of David Bowie, 1977

Oh you, you walk on past
Your lips cut a smile on your face
Your scalding face
To the cage, to the cage
She was a beauty in a cage

Too, too high a price
To drink rotting wine from your hands
Your fearful hands
Get me to a doctor's I've been told
Someone's back in town the chips are down
I just cut and blackout
I'm under Japanese influence
And my honour's at stake

The weather's grim, ice on the cages
Me, I'm Robin Hood and I puff on my cigarette
Panthers are steaming, stalking, screaming

If you don't stay tonight
I will take that plane tonight
I've nothing to lose, nothing to gain
I'll kiss you in the rain
Kiss you in the rain
Kiss you in the rain
In the rain
Get me to the doctor

Get me off the streets (get some protection)
Get me on my feet (get some direction)
Hot air gets me into a blackout
Oh, get me off the streets
Get some protection
Oh get me on my feet (wo wo)

While the streets block off
Getting some skin exposure to the blackout (get some protection)
Get me on my feet (get some direction, wo-ooh!)
Oh get me on my feet
Get me off the streets (get some protection)
Get a second
Get wo wo
Get a second ? breath on advice ?
And a second blow

Internet blackout

It refers to all those laws that have been passed in the Western countries in order to undermine the freedoms and the free use of Internet.

In 2009 the Kiwi parlament passed a law that disguised under the aim of combating digital piracy, allowed the Government to establish censorship over any website and gave them the authority to shutdown websites without any trial. 


Librería Blackout

Anarchist book shop in Nueva York founded in 1993.

Blackout - transformers

Several transformers are called  Blackout.

  • Armada Mini-Con Blackout (2002)Blackout was one of the first-released Mini-Cons that were included with a larger Transformer. Blackout was able to attach to Demolishor to form the front section of the Decepticon's tank mode, or he was able to sit on the seat on Demolishor's back. When attached to a special Mini-Con port, he can fire Demolishor's shoulder missiles.
  • Armada Mini-Con Powerlinx BlackoutHe was later recolored when Demolishor received his Powerlinx upgrade.
  • Armada Built to Rule Blackout (2003–2004)Blackout was also part of the Built to Rule toy line, again as Demolishor's partner, and during 2004, he was recolored with a 'Night Attack' scheme which was not based on an existing Transformers toy. In the Japanese series, Blackout was named Search and later Spark Search when he was recolored.
  • Energon Mini-Con Blackout (2004)Ten years after the events in Armada, Demolishor retained his original form, only with a new color scheme. Blackout also received a new color scheme to match Demolishor's. However, Blackout did not appear in the Energon animated series. Blackout did not reappear when the Armada Demolishor toy was repainted for Transformers: Cybertron.

BlacKout (film)

2007 film, based on the 2003 blackout that took place in the northeast coast of the USA.

Blackout (Buffy the vampire slayer)

2006 book based upon the Buffy series, the vampire slayer.

Blackout - Marvel

Two Marvel supervillain were called Blackout.

Blackout show

CBS American show, launched in 1988.


Blackout animated series

Episode number 28 of the first season of the TV animated series M.A.S.K.

Blackout (film)

Norwegian film from 1986. Thriller about a private investigator that has to deal with a 'femme fatale', a corrupt
policeman chief and a gangster.

Black Out (film)

Swiss film from 1970,  it was nominated to a golden bear in the Berlin film festival.

Blackout (film)

1985 film. Thriller produce by HBO.

Blackout (film)

2008 film. Three guys get trapped in a lift. What starts as a little snag ends up being a nightmare. 

The Black-out book

Compilation of 500 table games.

The blackout - Lost in memory

1997 film. A Hollywood actor investigates what happened during a wild night in Miami, from which he cannot remember anything due to the high consumption of drugs.

The blackout (film)

2009 horror movie. The city turns off in Christmas Eve. A group is trapped in a building...but they are not alone.

Blackout - Lisa Unger

Written by Lisa Unger. A psychological thriller about an old lover of a serial killer.

Blackout - Gianluca Morozzi

Thriller book from the Italian writer Gianluca Morozzi.