Sunday, January 9

Abraham Lincoln

You may wonder why is there a post over an American president in the blackout blog. I like the quote I have included in the beginning of the book, although obvious, it encloses a lot of truth. If we were to think about the present situation and analize towards where we are going, we would be able to take decissions on what to do and how to do it. The blackout, unpretentiously and from the utter fiction, was written to invite all of you who have fallen in its pages, to think about the world we have and the choices that are ahead of us. The future has not been written yet and any change, even the slightest, can mean the difference to create a better future.

Abraham Lincoln, despite being a politician and a president of the USA, deserves a place in history. Because of  his abolitionists ideas, when he was elected president in 1860, the Confederate States started the war of secession. During the war, Lincoln abolished slavery and amended the Constitution to ensure greater civil rights for color people, although as a good politican, to achieve his goals he suspended habeas corpus and established a strict censorship over the written press as well as facilitated his family and friends massive sales of weapons to the Confederacy (the other guys, his enemies).


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