Saturday, May 7

Blackout - transformers

Several transformers are called  Blackout.

  • Armada Mini-Con Blackout (2002)Blackout was one of the first-released Mini-Cons that were included with a larger Transformer. Blackout was able to attach to Demolishor to form the front section of the Decepticon's tank mode, or he was able to sit on the seat on Demolishor's back. When attached to a special Mini-Con port, he can fire Demolishor's shoulder missiles.
  • Armada Mini-Con Powerlinx BlackoutHe was later recolored when Demolishor received his Powerlinx upgrade.
  • Armada Built to Rule Blackout (2003–2004)Blackout was also part of the Built to Rule toy line, again as Demolishor's partner, and during 2004, he was recolored with a 'Night Attack' scheme which was not based on an existing Transformers toy. In the Japanese series, Blackout was named Search and later Spark Search when he was recolored.
  • Energon Mini-Con Blackout (2004)Ten years after the events in Armada, Demolishor retained his original form, only with a new color scheme. Blackout also received a new color scheme to match Demolishor's. However, Blackout did not appear in the Energon animated series. Blackout did not reappear when the Armada Demolishor toy was repainted for Transformers: Cybertron.

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