Friday, November 5

The nine corp compromises

  1. To support the adheree, who would have no lack of food, water, shelter or power.
  2. To update genetic modifications implanted to the adherees so they could have access to all the corp services, according to their rank and privilege.
  3. To provide adherees with education for their offspring so they could become productive adherees with access to a work which ensured their stay in the corp.
  4. To provide health care to the adherees.
  5. To ensure the integrity and security of all its adherees.
  6. To support the adherees when their productive life cycle came to an end. 
  7. To keep electrical, transport and communication networks up to date, to ensure basic services to the adherees.
  8. To offer five leisure hours daily for the entertainment of the adherees.
  9. To ensure seventy hours of rest per week, in addition to the thirty-five hours per week of leisure.

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