Friday, November 5

The nine rules of the nine pillars

  1. To accept the genetic improvement implants in their person and their descendants. 
  2. To respect and protect with their own life, the life of each and every one of the corps family members. 
  3. Not to have any property. Their previous properties would belong to the corp to which they adhered. 
  4. To comply with the health policies of the nine pillars. 
  5. To relinquish custody and education of their offspring to the corp to which they adhered. 
  6. To work the hours stipulated by their corp, in the assigned activity and comply with the privileges and ranks derived from it, as defined by the policy of the corps. 
  7. Not to maintain contact with unmodified humans that did not belong to one of the nine pillars. 
  8. Not to leave the corp to which they adhered. 
  9. To accept that the breach of any of the nine rules or the policies established by the nine pillars would mean the expulsion from the corp.

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